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Practical Computer Advice
from Martin Kadansky
Volume 2 Issue 12 December 2008
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Amazing, wonderful, and useful web sites
Still think the internet isn't a very interesting place? Then you haven't seen these great web sites!
Amazing, wonderful, and useful web sites

Here are just a few of the many terrific web sites on the internet, culled from a quick survey of my friends, a little online searching, plus a few of my own favorites.

Amazing Videos, Photographs, and Ideas
Entertainment, Television, Radio
  • http://urbanlegends.about.com: Debunking online and real-life myths
  • http://www.wikipedia.com: The Free Encyclopedia
  • http://www.loc.gov: Library of Congress
  • http://www.theonion.com: The Onion - News, dripping with satire
  • http://www.jir.com: The Journal of Irreproducible Results - The Science Humor Magazine, targeting hypocrisy, arrogance, and ostentatious sesquipedalian circumlocution
  • http://www.improbable.com: Improbable Research - Research that makes people laugh and then think; They also administer the annual Ig Nobel Prizes, intended to celebrate the unusual, honor the imaginative, and encourage interest in science, medicine, and technology
  • http://www.exploratorium.edu: Exploratorium - The museum of science, art, and human perception, San Francisco
  • http://www.archive.org: The Internet Archive Way-Back Machine - Enter a web address, you'll see past versions of that web site - Another reason to be careful about what information you post online, even if you later remove it
Food and More
  • http://www.betterhomesandgardens.com: Better Homes and Gardens - Home decorating and remodeling ideas, gardening, recipes, and more
  • http://www.eaglebrand.com/recipes.asp: Fun recipes from Eagle Brand (the Condensed Milk people)
  • http://www.kingarthurflour.com: Festive recipes and catalog of baking ingredients and tools, featuring a clever idea I've never seen on any other online shopping site: Once you've put something into your "shopping cart," it displays additional items you can add without increasing your shipping cost
Investment news stories, research, analysis and more
  • http://finance.yahoo.com: Yahoo! Finance
  • http://www.morningstar.com: Morningstar online - Such a respected standard for investment information, your local library probably subscribes to their paper version
  • http://www.fool.com: The Motley Fool - Championing shareholder value and advocating tirelessly for the individual investor; named from the works of Shakespeare, whose wise fools both instructed and amused, and could speak the truth to the king, without getting their heads lopped off
  • http://www.thestreet.com: Another good site for investors with lots of free and valuable content among the clutter and advertising
  • http://www.measuringworth.com: Lets you explore different measures of the economy, including inflation, purchasing power, stock growth, and more, using the most reliable historical data available
Health and medical information - two well-respected sites
  • http://www.freecycle.org: The Freecycle Network - A grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving away (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns
  • http://www.paperbackswap.com: Swap books with other book-lovers - Paperbacks, hardbacks, audio Books, textbooks, and more
  • http://www.craigslist.org: Read (and post your own) listings in a huge array of categories, including discussions, services, jobs, housing, childcare, and more
  • http://www.yelp.com: Real reviews on what's great (and not so great) in your area, including restaurants, stores, services, and more
Where to go from here
  • It's a big world out there, and a chunk of it is on the internet. Whatever interests you, whether it's art, literature, politics, investing, religion, a hobby, how to get out a stain, how to improve your business, medical questions, or something else, search for it online and you're likely to find thousands if not millions of interesting places to visit.
  • Enjoy, but don't believe everything you read. Look for credible sources. (If you're not sure, do a google search for "xyz.com review" to find reviews of a given web site.)
  • Remember that the entire world is not on the internet.
  • If you have a wonderful web site to share, please let me know!
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